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04 October 2007 @ 06:44 pm
Arthur Miller Journal  
For this journal I definitely wanted to talk about the Great and Awesome Arthur Miller. When i read the Crucible last year it was really interesting and it also hit a hidden nerve for me because, not just fact that it was about witches, but about people who are different and are judged without just cause. The fact that when Mr. Miller wrote this piece during not only the Red Scare and the age of McCarthyism, doesn't surprise me. During that time it was very possible for anyone to be black listed was all together possible. The piece A View from the Bridge, or the movie we are watching Vu du Pon (yes the title is French), is a very well written, deep plotted, period piece. The reason I feel that it is a period piece is that it is set in the depression era, and it follows the story of Eddie and his niece Katie. When watching it I was interested by the way the character of Eddie is portrayed. He seems to have good intentions toward Katie but how he uses them is quite incestuous. Katie is portrayed in my mind as a small naive Italian-American girl who looks to Eddie more like a father than an uncle. I personally don't agree with it but that is just me. Eddie's estranged wife, Beatrice, acts as though she doesn't know what is going on in her husbands head but that is only a well placed facade. I think that she can see the almost lust-like want in her husband's eyes, which is very blatant and can been seen well. I really can't wait to read the Death of a Salesman, from all that I have heard, and that is quite a lot. So that is the end of this secon Journal entry. If I see Across the Universe, I will post it. I have been wanting to see it since I saw the commercial. Bye.
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Disenchanted Optimistgreeneyedpagan on October 5th, 2007 03:13 am (UTC)
Arthur Miller rocks.
Just wait till you start reading Tennessee Williams and Eugene O'Neill. Both totally amazing, with good parts for you, as well!

Enjoy your drama. One day, if I'm very lucky, I'll get to come see you perform!

Hugs, sweetie, and hug your mom for me. Hard. :)
Apollo Artemusphoenixapollo on October 7th, 2007 11:07 pm (UTC)
Actually, I won't be able to perform this year because I am an Officer of two different clubs and I really need to keep my grades up this year. But Actually this journal was for a class really. I need todo one more by tomorrow, and I want it to be about the new Julie Taymor film Across the Universe. I do have to audition still but on my little form to fill out I will probably have to do either nothing or a dress rehearsal and showing nights, tech, like make-up which I might actually do. =] Anyways mom and I will be coming down to Samhain for a day trip on I think the 20th? I s that right? I have o Idea. Luff you Auntie Goo.
~White Phoenix~