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16 October 2007 @ 10:03 am
Harry Ransom Center Arthur Miller Exhibit Journal  
This past friday, I went to the Harry Ransom Center, for Theatr Production. The newest exhibit is a collection of letters and brainstorming ideas from Arthur Miller's donation to the HRC. The pieces there were amazing, from the original brainstorming journals by Athur Miller himself to letters to Arthur Miller. For me, the most heart-felt piece was the book from the Hearing of Arthur Miller by the Committee of Un-American Activities, where Mr. Miller was forced to divulge many personal and private activites as well as many activites that had taken place in his job and what he did for his employment. What he did not divulge, which was what the CUAA wanted, names of co-workers who had been party members of the Communist Party, for this event was taking place during The MaCarthy Trials. Because of this reason, to my horror, Mr. Miller was Black-Listed and was banned from taking Part in any theatrical activities. This hit my heart, because I have grown up in a country where we learn that we all have the right to freedom of speech and freedom of press. I do understand that during that time, there were many fears of communism, and yet there was no need to go after those who gave us much entertainment. Another thing that hit my heart was the Joan Allen Audition take out from the Daniel Day-Lewis version of The Crucible. The way that she shows emotions just for an audition moved me, and also the fact that she wasa going to play Elizabeth Proctor, whose husband was doomed to die at the end of the play. The fact that an actor can show that much emotion just for an audition, inspires me to reach for that goal, to be able to call up any emotion at will and use it to the advantage. This exhibit has been very moving and I really want to go see more of, for I only saw parts of it. I enjoyed very much and I was happy that I could go to this amazing, and moving exhibit.
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