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22 February 2008 @ 11:19 am
Life of an Actor  
Long time, no entry I do know, yet all that has happened concerning Theatre and all that I really haven't had any actual time to post yet here I am. Since about October or November, the Production of Into the Woods had been rehearsing and working on the play. I had originally tried out for it, I unfortunately did not make it and that was not the best moment but I was for some reason releived, I could then focus my energy on Anime Club, but I digress. When I finally saw the play, I was blown away by many of the new comers' talent and also the talent of a lot of my friends that I have known for quite some time. Lauren, the Baker's Wife, was fabulous, and her talent both at singing and at an unknown level of acting blew me away. She, I could see had embrace the role and also embraced the character as a whole. Jordan, the Witch, as expected knocked me out of my socks, and her role as the witch seemed as if it came natualy to her, the evil cackle and scream, the almost melancholic and evil rasp hiden in her voice was completely believable. She seemed to feel every emotion that the witch was feeling, so to speak and she took it and ran.
I also audtioned for the UIL Competion, one act play, The Learned Ladies, by Moliere. I recieved my script and worked with the person I was partnered with to prepare for the auditoning of said part. I cannot strictly remember what part I originally went for, yet as I worked with the young man, I noticed that my usual knots and twists that take place within the pit of my stomach, of anxiety, were not very prevelent. Even when I entered the room, I had the understanding that my legs had not shaken, out of the nervousness. The person I auditioned with and myself were told to ask for another dialogue, which to me had never happened, and I felt happy. We read the new script over and over, myself becoming more confident and yet not too cocky, thankfully. When we went in, I felt that in the pit of my stomach that I would most likely get into the play. I feel that I have grown, since the first time I auditioned at this high school, in ways that I had not imagined. My anxiety of going to an audition had gone considerably down, and yet with that my confidence has risen. I feel that I will be growing more and more, ove the rest of this time that I am still at this woncerful school.
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feguloir on April 12th, 2011 11:40 pm (UTC)
Great post! I wish you could follow up on this topic!

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