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03 September 2007 @ 03:18 pm
Theatre Production Journal #1  
Where am I in my Theatre Journey? I guess that I am still progressing in my talents. I have been involved in the Theatre for so long that I don't even remember when it started. I did so many theatre camps that it's hard to tell. My mom and my whole family have thought that I had the talent, ans always gave me advice. When I first entered High School I took the Theatre 1 class. I twas first period and though I had fun it wasn't really enough. The reason being that most of the people who were in there were only there for the credits. I guess that I was expecting something wholly and completely different. I had a lot of fun and then Sophomore year I decided to take the Theatre Production 1 course, and then I was finally able to audition for the plays, though I didn't make it until Last year. Last year Ihad to really work on the aspect of theatre that gives me the most trouble; Improve. I don't really think that improve is my forte, but I had some fun.I had more fun having a script and I guess I'm more comfortable with a script. So when I got into the Musical, I had a lot more fun and I really got to see what kind of characteristics I could give to my Character, I guess because there was more things I could give him. So now that I'm a senior in Theatre Production 3, I think that I can really discover my inner actor, and also find where my acting career will go. So, I guess I am still in the middle of my Theatre Journey, but I think that I like it that way through so I can make improvements. I also think that I have a lot of things to learn and be a sponge and absorb.
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